Classy Dating Tip #24: If sending cheeky drunken snaps after a hot date is your forte, try drinking classy instead. It’ll ensure your vision is clear enough to send to ‘Deb’ in your contacts, instead of ‘Dad’.    #HowToDateProperly #HowToDrinkProperly
 Matching wine to food is a skill, not a challenge. Impress your potential lover, but not with how many chunks of vomit you can catch in your beard. Date classy.   #HowToDateProperly #HowToDrinkProperly
 Confidence on a first date is good. Dutch courage is discouraged. Steer clear of slippery nipples on dates to avoid drunk slobbering on actual ones.    #HowToDateProperly #HowToDrinkProperly
  Well done to those of you who dated classy this weekend. We all know getting pissed and pissing yourself at the bar are the efforts of a rookie drinker. That certainly isn’t you. Stay classy.     #HowToDateProperly #HowToDrinkProperly
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